Tree Haven 10k

True to its name, the TreeHaven 10K campaign will plant 10,000 trees throughout New Haven over five years (finishing in 2014). This ambitious partnership between URI and the City of New Haven will provide local employment opportunities, restore a diminishing tree canopy, and improve urban quality of life, among other benefits.

Achieving this vision of protecting and enhancing New Haven’t tree canopy will require both a public and private participation, as residents control the largest percentage of the city’s tree canopy. The TreeHaven 10K campaign aims to match 5,000 trees planted on public lands by GreenSkills interns with 5,000 trees planted on private land by homeowners and major institutions. Together, the goal of 10,000 trees is well within reach.

Beyond beautification, it is estimated that New Haven’s street trees currently save the city about $4 million dollars per year. These saving come through reducing stormwater runoff, improving air quality and public health, and lowering energy bills, among other things. You can help realize more benefits by planting more trees.