Along with its biannual newsletter, URI collaborates on a variety of reports, manuals, working papers, and environmental education curricula, all listed below.



Urban Issues, Fall 2015

November 2015

Peer Reviewed Publication

Working Paper

#51 Wooster Square Park Cherry Tree Management Plan

March 2011

Max Piana, Chris Ozyck

PDF icon wp_51.pdf

#50 Invasive Plants in Beaver Ponds Park, New Haven, Connecticut: Origins, Impacts and Management Options

February 2006

Colleen Sullivan, Tenley Wurglitz

PDF icon wp_50.pdf

#47 Health and Community Based Urban Residential Restoration: An investigation into the utility of the traditional epidemiological approach

May 2000

Alexis Dinno

#45 Community Greenspace 1999: The Fifth Year of Neighborhood Planting Efforts

March 2000

URI Staff

#46 Strategies for Restoring Vacant Land: an analysis of Northeast Cities, with recommendations for New Haven

January 2000

Rodger Taylor

PDF icon wp_46.pdf

#44 The Heart of the City: Report on Open Space Projects and Opportunities in the Dwight Neighborhood.

March 1999

URI Staff

#41 Factors Impacting the Community Management of Urban Open Space: An Analysis of Three Restoration Projects in New Haven, Connecticut.

January 1998

Leigh Shemitz, Julie Herbst

PDF icon wp_41.pdf

#39 The New Haven Street Tree Inventory: Final Report on the Spring 1998 Pilot Project

January 1998

Jonathan Wagar

PDF icon wp_39.pdf

#38 TreeWatch: New Haven's Community Tree Stewardship Program.

January 1997

URI Staff

#37 Restoring Neighborhood Open Spaces: Report on Community Greenspace Program '97.

January 1997

URI Staff

#36 A Pond Ecosystem Curricula Guide for Interactive, Interdisciplinary, Experiential Environmental Education: Expanding the Edgewood Model.

January 1997

Jennifer Yelin, Susan Swensen

PDF icon wp_36.pdf

#35 Community Greenspace Project: Beautification Report, 1996.

January 1996

URI Staff

#33 1995 Urban Resources Initiative Status Report: Six Years of Community Forestry in Baltimore.

January 1995

James Jiler

#32 Community Service Learning and Environmental Education in New Haven: A Report on the 'Learn and Serve' Program, Spring 1995.

January 1995

David Ganz, Cami Kloster

#31 Replant, Restore, Reclaim: Community Building in New Haven

January 1995

Colleen Murphy-Dunning, Leigh Shemitz, Cami Kloster, Megan Ryan

#30 Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine: A Comparative Study of Variations in Perceptions and Behaviors of National Park Unit Visitors from the Baltimore Region.

January 1995

Jennifer Aley, William R. Burch Jr.

PDF icon wp30_fortmchenry_comparativestudy.pdf

#26 Adaptive, Process-Oriented Management Plan for the Marble Hill Historic District, Baltimore, Maryland

January 1995

E. Lloyd Raleigh

PDF icon wp26_managementplan_marblehill.pdf

#24 Fort McHenry National Monument: 
School Field Trip and Survey Report.

January 1994

Jennifer Aley, William R. Burch Jr.

#22 The Summer Urban Resources Initiative '94: Report and Recommendations

January 1994

Elizabeth Galli-Noble, Mary Mackey

PDF icon wp22_summeruri_report.pdf

#21 The Dirt on Environmental Discrimination: A Study Comparing Heavy Metal Concentrations in Soils Between High and Low-Income Neighborhoods in New Haven, CT

January 1994

Kate Bickert, Danielle Kaplan

PDF icon wp21_the_dirt_on_envoronmental_discrimination.pdf

#8 Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine Market Study.

January 1992

Shawn Dalton, William R. Burch Jr., Morgan Grove, Jenny Aley

PDF icon wp8_fort_mvhenry.pdf


The Guide to New Haven's Trees

January 2011

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