Urban areas have a variety of stakeholders involved in managing the environment.  URI works in partnership with community groups, government agencies and businesses throughout New Haven to collaboratively address environmental challenges.  Through broad engagement of stakeholders URI strives toward sustained management of the urban environment.

Listening to local concerns and developing environmental programs in cooperation with schools, neighborhood groups, and city agencies is the cornerstone of our work. In service of our commitment to local groups and agencies, we draw as well upon state and federal expertise and resources to support our work. Partnerships past and present are listed below, with links to further information where available.

Funding Partners

Collaborating Partners

Past Partners

  • USDA Forest Service: URI partnered with the Forest Service as part of the Living Memorials Project in the wake of September 11, 2001. This program was designed to harness the symbolic power of trees as living memorials for all Americans affected by terrorism.
  • New Haven Public Schools: For nearly a decade URI partnered with New Haven Public Schools in the development and teaching of the Open Spaces as Learning Places curriculum. As of 2009, the City of New Haven adopted this curriculum as mandatory instruction for all sixth graders.
  • Crossroads Continuum of Care
  • STRIVE- New Haven, Inc.