Botanical Garden of Healing

The New Haven Botanical Garden of Healing Dedicated to Victims of Gun Violence was created by the mothers of victims of gun violence as a special place to remember their loved ones. The garden is a place of hope and healing on Valley Street in New Haven, CT. With each new tree and flower planted, the mothers are taking positive action to build public awareness of the magnitude of the problem of gun violence and invest in the the future of our community. 

The mothers invite you to participate: 

1) Sign up to receive email updates on the garden.

2) Volunteer in the garden on Saturdays 9 am- 12 pm in the summer beginning June 5 and through the fall.

3) Make a donation.   

Read more about the garden. Check out upcoming events in the garden.  

Read the latest news coverage of the garden: 

1) See the right hand column for news articles on the garden.

Photos #1 and #2 courtesy of Svigals + Partners (#1 by Robert Benson Photography and #2 by Marissa Dionne Mead)