10th Annual Rock to Rock Earth Day Ride

Event time

Saturday, April 28, 2018 - 10:00am
5 routes from Common Ground to East Rock Park See map

URI needs you to help us create the largest, most spirited team of cyclists. 

When you ride for URI, you are supporting New Haven’s:

  • shade and understory tree planting (at a rate of ~700 per year)
  • green jobs skills training for prison survivors and teens
  • grassroots greening by Community Greenspace volunteer groups all over the city
  • environmental revitalization of parks, vacant lots, and streetscapes
  • lead remediation in underserved neighborhood front yards
  • green infrastructure to reduce pollution in our rivers and the Long Island Sound
  • clean air, soils and water!

Everyone is welcome on our team. If you have ideas for a team tee design, bike parade decorations or other kinds of ways to build our team’s spirit and fun factor, please email our team captain, christopher.ozyck@yale.edu.



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Special Event