Apply now to be part of Community Greenspace in summer 2017

Event time

Saturday, April 1, 2017 - 1:15pm


Neighbors determine where and what kind of project they wish to undertake.  Parks, abandoned lots, public and private housing associations, neglected front yards and curb strips are some of the spaces residents choose to plant and maintain through this program.  The Community Greenspace program supports projects that better unite a community.  Citizens working on common space projects, such as vacant lots, parks, and curb strips are successful in achieving that goal.  

To download an application, check out our Community Greenspace website.

Purpose- The purpose of Community Greenspace is to enhance the ability of New Haven residents to improve their neighborhood through:

Community building- to create connections to ensure close communication and cooperation among neighbors

Environmental restoration- to increase plants and trees in neighborhoods to create a more livable and healthy community

Stewardship- to develop a sense of ownership and responsibility for street trees, open spaces, and the natural resources in neighborhoods