2008 Report for Atwater And Pine


Fair Haven

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58 Atwater St., New Haven, CT, 06513



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1 Lilac Tree, 1 Ginko, 1 Eastern red cedar

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2 azaleas, 2 boxwood, 1 spirea, 1 smoke bush, 3 inkberry,

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$ blue fescue,6 speedwell, 7 catmint, 6 daylilies,3 dwarf grass, 9 liriope, 6 sedum, 5 var liriope.

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Project Narrative The Atwater/Pine Greenspace group has been part of URI's Greenspace program for eight years. What started out with the transformation of a vacant lot into a lovely shaded greenspace, has grown to include streetscape and front yard beautification all along Atwater Street. The groups core members are tied together through their work in the Greenspace program, the neighborhood block watch and as co-workers at the Mary Wade elder care center. The past two years have been devoted to expanding the Greenspace program onto Atwater Street. The Atwater/Pine Greenspace group met six times this summer to work on projects including soil remediation with colorful red gravel and many hardy shrubs, planting flowers and laying bluestone at the local bus stop, providing more flowering shrubs and perennials on Atwater and lastly, planting two trees along a concrete curb. The group was very successful in meeting its goals and at encouraging increased participation from the neighborhood.

Other activity

Also added 50 cobbles