2009 Report for Atwater And Pine


Fair Haven

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58 Atwater St., New Haven, CT, 06513



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2 Ginkgo, 3 Winter King Hawthorn, 2 Cockspur Hawthorn, 1 Sunset Red Maple

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2 Spirea, 1 Mountain Laurel

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4 Silver Dragon Liriope, 2 Big Blue Liriope, 3 Coral Bells

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The Atwater & Pine Greenspace Group has been part of URI's Greenspace program for nine years. Work in this community began with the transformation of a vacant lot into a lovely shaded greenspace on Pine St., and has grown to include streetscape and front yard beautification along Atwater and Pine Streets. The core members of the group are committed neighbors who come together through their work in the Greenspace program as well as the neighborhood block watch and as co-workers at the Mary Wade elder care center. This summer the group dedicated themselves to restoring a treeless stretch of Pine St. that connects the community to the downtown via Bright St. and Ferry St. The Atwater & Pine group planted 8 trees in the curb strip of Pine St. this summer, completely transforming what was a barren block into a beautiful streetscape. The plantings include both shade trees and understory species, and were selected for the year-round interest of their leaves, flowers, and fruits. A large number of households, young kids included, contributed to the successful fulfillment of this summer's planting goals.