2009 Report for Cedar Hill Neighborhood


East Rock

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282 View St, New Haven, CT, 06511



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Number of trees planted


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2 River Birch, 2 Eastern Red Cedar, 1 Atlas Cedar

Number of shrubs planted


Number of perennials planted


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2 Daylily, 2 Creeping Phlox, 3 Coreopsis, 3 Salvia, 1 Black-eyed Susan

Yards mulch spread



The Cedar Hill neighborhood is nestled right up against East Rock Park and Rice fields. For five years the Cedar Hill Greenspace group has been dedicated to making their neighborhood safe and to strengthening their community. They meet on Friday evenings to clean up garbage, plant trees along the street, and beautify their neighborhood with perennials. Many of the members are also active participants in the neighboring Greenspace group, Friends of East Rock Park. This summer, the Cedar Hill group worked in a number of areas. They mulched and weeded the Rock St. Median, cleaned and weeded the Merchants' lot on State St., and planted two more river birches near the half basketball court across from Rice Field. The biggest accomplishment of the summer, however, was the clearing of the DOT property along Warren Place and the planting of three Cedar trees. This is the first phase of a longer term project to transform this fenced-off space, formerly used only for dumping, and to bring Cedar trees back to Cedar Hill. Through these and other projects, the Cedar Hill Greenspace group continues to be a positive force in the community and in the city of New Haven. Click on the following link to watch part of the Positively Connecticut video that features Cedar Hill: http://youtube.com/watch?v=8Keox3D9JAg.