2013 Report for Fairmont Park


Fair Haven Heights/Quinnipiac Meadows

Type of Site:

Park Friends


100 Clifton Street, New Haven, CT, 06513

Address Geocoded

POINT (-72.8805857 41.3081554)



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Number of trees planted


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1 clethra

Number of perennials planted


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coneflower, sage, thyme, phlox, sedum, rudbeckia

Yards compost spread


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Fairmont Park was started with large goals of ridding the park of the invasive burning bush, and establishing a photographic essay of the natural wonder of the park and its great variety of indigenous plants. Seen as neglected by many, the park has experienced many other problems, including overgrown forest paths and rampant motorbike usage. The invasive plant Tree of Heaven is also an issue at the very front of the forest. Canvassing helped attract some interested parties, and the group commenced its first workday by removing burning bush. Further workdays focused on building community with the managers of the community garden, and the increased participation that resulted from this helped focus our efforts on the beautification of the entrance to the park and a butterfly garden. The group met with the Parks Department to discuss ways to improve goal efficacy, and also focused on a planned telephone tower in the park, which should resemble a flagpole, but which has an unknown planned location. There is hope that the telephone company in question, T-Mobile, could remove some of the invasive plants as part of a final agreement to install the tower. The group also finalized a path around the butterfly garden and began work on girdling some of the Tree of Heaven.