2010 Report for Griswold Park


East Shore/Annex

Type of Site:

Park Friends


10 Quinnipiac Ave, New Haven, CT, New Haven, CT



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Number of trees planted


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1 Linden, 1 Kwanzan Cherry, 1 Japanese Tree Lilac, 1 Tupelo (nyssa sylvatica), 1 Pin Oak

Number of shrubs planted


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4 arborvitae, 3 hydrangea, 6 blue maid holly, 1 blue prince holly, 2 butterfly bushes

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(including 20 perennials under trees planted and 25 in the garden) plus 5 flats of myrtle

Yards compost spread


Yards mulch spread



The flowers at the memorial in Griswold Park have been maintained by a few people that live in the building adjacent to the park. The Friends of Griswold Park Greenspace group was formed this summer because that group wanted to do more to beautify the park for area residents and traffic at the park's busy intersection. They gained the reliable support of a few more neighbors and accomplished all of their planting and design goals for this summer. The group chose to start with planting a charming garden along the back wall of the park and several trees along Quinnipiac Avenue. The tree plantings include both shade trees and understory species, and were selected to provide more shade for park visitors, to complement the existing trees and to attract the attention of passersby. The roots of the park's existing elm trees were protected with a layer of topsoil and mulch. Shade perennials were placed underneath the elms. The rest of the garden's shrubs and perennials were chosen for color variety in different seasons. The group extended the park's existing footpath to follow the beaten path of neighbors traveling in the direction of the bus stop. They devoted Saturday mornings to beautifying the park and worked diligently to water, spread mulch and/or lay stones along the plantings midweek.

Other activity

1.5 yards of stone dust, 14.5 yards topsoil, grass seed, plus Parks Dept woodchips