2008 Report for Newhall And Division



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Newhall Street and Division Street, New Haven, CT

Address Geocoded

POINT (-72.929625 41.3259363)



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Number of trees planted


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1 Zelkova village green, 1 pear, 1 shubert cherry, 1 liberty elm, 1 tulip poplar

Number of shrubs planted


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1 small leaf rhododendron, 4 emerald gaiety euonymous, 1 rose of Sharon Diana, 2 winter creeper euonymous shrubs

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3 sedum, 4 flats euonymous groundcover, 2 coreopsis, 7 daylilies, 13 catmint, 4 loriope, 1 yucca, 4 white coneflowers, 2 purple coneflowers, 2 purple coneflowers pompom variety, 4 salvia, 1 salvia variety (yellow)

Yards mulch spread



This group started with the Greenspace program in 1997, cleaning up a vacant lot on Newhall Street that was subsequently reclaimed and developed by the owner. The group became inactive in 1998, but picked back up again in 2003, with work primarily focused on curb strips and front yards. The group has had a big impact on transforming the yards and streetscape along Division street between Shelton Avenue and Winchester, on Newhall Street between Thompson and Division, and on Thompson Street. Walking down these streets, one can see several thriving trees and beautiful front yards that were previous projects of the planting group. <br> This year, the group focused on maintaining and enhancing front yard plantings from last year, planting curbstrip trees, and doing some additional front yard work on Thompson Street. This year saw great participation from older members, as well as an infusion of new members from Thompson Street, where the group did several new plantings. The group has great intergenerational participation, and has included teenagers and children along with the core group of homeowners.

Other activity

8 8-ft. tree stakes provided