2015 Report for Quinnipiac Meadows


East Shore/Annex

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1343 Quinnipiac Avenue, New Haven, CT, New Haven, CT



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Species: (24) daylilies, (12) liriope, (6) catmint, (2) yucca, (4) yarrow, (2) russian sage

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This group worked on two sites this year. The main site was at the intersection of Quinnipiac Ave and Eastern St and the other was a portion of roadside along Quinnipiac Ave, just across from Middletown Avenue Park. The latter site had 11 trees planted by Greenskills this year and we simply re-mulched the trees and planted daylilies at the base of each tree. The main site is a focus for the group because it is the entrance to Quinnipiac Meadows. However, it is a difficult site for several reasons. One, it is a busy intersection with many traffic accidents. Two, it is a bus stop during the school year, with kids milling about and nowhere to sit. Three, there is a high rate of littering. Four, at night there is a high level of illicit activity. Last year the group made a sign that said ‘Welcome to Quinnipiac Meadows,’ which was an important improvement to such a difficult site. This year we did a whole new layer of wood chips across the entire site, laid large stones between each tree to stop illegal parking, and planted a flower bed in front of the sign. We also added a Greenspace sign with hopes to further encourage people to see this site as a community space. The hope for this site is to make it feel like the gateway to the neighborhood and galvanize community-wide stewardship through example. It has seen great improvement in the past two seasons!

Other activity

We spread about 14 yards of wood chips!