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2023 Greenspace Report

Solar Youth is an organization that empowers youth to achieve life-long success. Through the partnership between Solar Youth and URI this summer, an awesome group of kids explored their environment, made new relationships, and developed leadership skills. Augustine Winslow Park is just a short walk away from the Solar Youth office. Unfortunately, a knotweed infestation had consumed the banks of Wintergreen brook, which made it impossible for kids in the park to play in and explore the water. By working hard as a team, the Solar Youth team was able to clear away enough knotweed that the brook is now accessible by all. The kids also planted a beautiful Sweetbay Magnolia tree by the water, which will provide benefits for both the river ecosystem and people.

2023 Accomplishments

  • 1 trees planted (Sweetbay Magnolia)
  • 3 events
  • 20 volunteers
  • 110 volunteer hours