State And Chapel Street

Neighborhood: Downtown

Type of Site: Streetscape Streetscape

Address: 290 State Street, New Haven, CT, 06511

2014 Greenspace Report

This is the second year that the State and Chapel Greenspace Group has been active. The group was initiated by the leadership at SeeClickFix, a local startup company. Their efforts were focused on planting 5 shade trees along the sidewalks on State St in order to provide shade for local businesses and foot-traffic. The Grove decided to head the project for the summer 2014 planting season. The Grove provides a space for people, organizations, businesses, and communities to collaborate and prepare for their future needs. Through the dedication from a small group of Grove members, the group was able to redistribute paving stones in the state street Median, between Crown and Chapel, to form a beautiful patio space under the trees.

2014 Accomplishments

  • 21 perennials planted (Loriope, Coral Bells, Russian Sage, Daylily, Coreopsis)
  • 1.0 yards compost spread
  • 2.0 yards mulch spread
  • 6 events
  • 29 volunteers
  • 70 volunteer hours