2011 Report for Troup Group



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Elm Street, Platt Street, Beers Street, and Edgewood Avenue, New Haven, CT



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Skyline Honey Locust, Tree Lilac, Shingle Oak

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4 boxwoods, 1 tree hydrangea

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2 Coral Bells, 2 Daylilies, 4 Bellflowers 'White Clips', 4 Sedum 'Autumn Joy'

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Troup Group is an energetic group of neighborhood volunteers who are dedicated to improving the streetscape and open areas along Beers St., Platt St, Elm St. and Edgewood Avenue in the Dwight neighborhood. The group takes their name from nearby Troup Middle School. After taking a year off the group returned for their ninth year as a Greenspace group. They began cleaning up their neighborhood by focusing their energies on a vacant lot site near the corner of Platt St. and Edgewood Avenue. Working in the area and noticing the large need for a street tree near a popular corner store, the group approached the storeowner and received permission to plant a Honey Locust. This set the group in motion and they quickly followed up with the planting of a Shingle Oak and a Tree Lilac near an eye doctor's office on Beers St. The receptionists at the office are appreciative of the beautiful scenery the trees provide, while pedestrians are sure to appreciate the increased canopy cover on the street. To cap off their successful summer, the group helped a neighbor complete a lead remediation project on her front yard, making it a safer place for children to play.

Other activity

grass seed and 15 18X18 bluestone pavers for lead remediation project