2016 Report for Troup Group



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Elm Street, Platt Street, Beers Street, and Edgewood Avenue, New Haven, CT



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Number of trees planted


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1 Purple Plum, 1 Cornelian Dogwood

Number of perennials planted


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Daylily, Iris, Catmint, Salvia, Stachys, Yucca, Coreopsis, Liriope

Yards mulch spread



The Troup group has been active for many years and the legacy of past years of work is plainly evident on the street. Beginning this season, almost every potential location for a street tree was occupied and dozens of perennials had been planted throughout the curb strip. Many passerby’s leaving from the hospital mentioned to the group that they intentionally walk down Beers St. to get to Whalley Ave. because of its uniqueness and aesthetic appeal. The group this year was smaller than in years past and relied on a core group of individuals that were organized on a weekly basis by Charlie Nixon. Throughout June, the group focused primarily on weeding, mulching and adding supplemental plantings to the curb strip on the section of Beer St. between Chapel and Edgewood. In July, the group planted two trees on the block as well. One, a purple plum as a setback tree in a yard at 43 Beers St. and the other a Cornelian Dogwood to replace a Tree Lilac that was killed after being hit by a car in front of 25 Beers St.