2012 Report for Truman Street Clean/green Project



Type of Site:

Vacant Lot


66 Truman Street, New Haven, CT, 06519

Address Geocoded

POINT (-72.9402379 41.2940064)



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Number of trees planted


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2 Purple Leaf Plum, 1 Stellar Pink Dogwood, 1 Kousa Dogwood, 1 Hedge Maple

Number of shrubs planted


Number of perennials planted


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5 Daylilies, 8 Russian Sage, 9 Lavender, 15 Coreopsis, 6 Varigated Liriope, 3 Scarletta Leucoethe, 6 Coralbells, 3 Ferns, 2 Varigated Euonymous, 2 Cat Mint, 3 Gaillardia

Yards compost spread



This was the Truman Street Clean/Green Project's first year as a Greenspace group. They started off the summer by gathering as many neighbors and children as possible to perform a thorough cleaning of Truman Street. Following this great outpouring, the group targeted the vacant lot at the corner of Truman Street and Clover Place. They worked to pick up trash in the lot and to beautify the corner by adding some plantings. This work inspired neighbors to start cleaning up their yards and some requested some perennials be planted in their curb strip with which the group was happy to comply. In the weeks following this great start, the Truman Street Clean/Green Project planted 5 trees. 3 trees were planted in curb strips, 1 was planted in a neighbor's yard to protect his picture window from damage by BB guns, and the final was planted in the corner of the vacant lot. The group gathered momentum as they worked throughout the summer and will carry this momentum into the fall as they plan to create a pumpkin patch in the vacant lot as they work towards their ultimate goal of a community garden and greenspace.

Other activity

1/2 yd topsoil