2013 Report for Truman Street Clean/green Project



Type of Site:

Vacant Lot


66 Truman Street, New Haven, CT, 06519

Address Geocoded

POINT (-72.9402379 41.2940064)



Number of volunteers


Total volunteer hours


Number of events


Number of trees planted


Number of shrubs planted


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3 inkberry, 4 boxwood, 4 butterfly bush, 2 blueberry bush, 2 bayberry, 1 clethra, 1 ilex prince, 1 ilex princess

Number of perennials planted


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3 daylilies, 2 purple salvia, 3 euonymus emerald gaiety, 7 liriope, 6 acorus, 17 assorted hostas and coralbells, 2 flats vinca, 1 flat euonymus

Yards mulch spread



This is the second year for Truman Street Clean/Green Project Greenspace group. This year the group focused solely on turning the vacant lot at the corner of Truman Street and Clover Place into a community garden. The group began with a magical visioning meeting with Chris Ozyck where they began to see their ideas come to life and take shape. To start the process, the group created and planted a shrub bed along the neighbor's fence to act as a screen for the lot. They also constructed a stone seating wall around the pin oak in the front. Around this stonewall they spread a stonedust walking path, which will be expanded further in to the lot as the garden continues to be developed over time. A new gate entrance was implemented in the fence in front of the tree, and an official Greenspace Site sign was erected. To bring it all together, the group received a picnic table to encourage use of the space. These infrastructure additions to the lot welcome all passersby and add color and uniqueness to the space. The group consists of adults and children, all of whom put in an incredible amount of effort to see this garden come alive. In the coming years they hope to see planter boxes for the community to utilize, more shrubs for color, and potentially a greenhouse in the center.

Other activity

4 pallets of stone, 1 gate, 1 picnic table, 4 yards top soil, 3 yards stone dust, 1 Greenspace sign