2014 Report for Truman Street Clean/green Project



Type of Site:

Vacant Lot


66 Truman Street, New Haven, CT, 06519

Address Geocoded

POINT (-72.9402379 41.2940064)



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Fat Albert spruce

Number of shrubs planted


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2 bayberry, 3 lowbush blueberry, 2 rosa rugosa, 2 butterfly bush, 3 inkberry

Number of perennials planted


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7 hosta, 7 coralbell, 50 liriope, 10 daylily, 9 dicentra, 2 hakonechloa, 2 acorus, 6 coreopsis, 2 Russian sage, 2 salvia, 3 ornamental grasses

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Yards mulch spread



This is the 3rd year for Truman Street Clean/Green Project's Greenspace group, and the 2nd year they have been working in the vacant lot at the corner of Truman Street and Clover Place. The group's main desire this year was to continue planting and developing the front part of the lot in and around the tree circle, while leaving the rest of the lot for raised vegetable beds (with support from the New Haven Land Trust) and an open play area. They began by weeding and mulching last year's plantings, and filling in empty spots with perennials and shrubs. With Chris Ozyck's design guidance, the group created a distinct Greenspace area separate from the vegetable-bed area. The border is marked by a Fat Albert spruce (which can be decorated for Christmas!) and blueberry bushes on the Clover Place side and ornamental grasses on the interior side. A pathway made of bluestone slabs was laid down on the Clover Place side, looping from the central tree circle around the smaller maple. The volunteers then weeded, mulched, and planted up the entire front area. As the plants grow larger and establish themselves, this space will become a lush and colorful living oasis. At the end of the summer, the Regional Water Authority installed an access point and water meter inside the lot for the group's use, which will make watering much easier in the future. The lot has been significantly transformed from what it was at the beginning of the summer, thanks to the group's hard work.

Other activity

1 pallet of bluestone for pathway