2015 Report for Truman Street Clean/green Project



Type of Site:

Vacant Lot


66 Truman Street, New Haven, CT, 06519

Address Geocoded

POINT (-72.9402379 41.2940064)



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Number of trees planted


Number of shrubs planted


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7 wintercreeper, 4 knockout rose, 2 dwarf butterfly bushes

Number of perennials planted


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10 catmint, 8 coreopsis, 8 hakonechloa, 7 hostas, 4 daylilies, 4 black eyed susan, 4 coralbells, 4 Russian sage, 3 liriope

Yards compost spread


Yards mulch spread



In their 4th year as a Greenspace group, Truman Street Clean/Green continued to build on the momentum of previous summers. As in past years, the group’s initial focus was on continuing to plant up and beautify the front part of the vacant lot at the corner of Truman Street and Clover Place. With the help of an impressive and energetic core of young volunteers, the group used shrubs and perennials to fill in spaces in the central tree wall, outer border wall (along the sidewalk) and two corner planting areas. They also replaced some dead butterfly bushes and used new plants to enhance the “living wall” effect along the lot’s inner edge (bordering 58 Truman St). With these plantings complete the group shifted its focus to infrastructural improvements, including; widening and creating a new brick border for the lot’s central pathway, edging each of the main planting areas, and installing new signage. Through this hard work, and a series of additional projects being spearheaded by the New Haven Land Trust and New Haven Farms, Truman Street Clean/Green continues to have an incredible and positive impact on both the vacant lot and the community as a whole.

Other activity

Other inputs: bricks (150), brown leaf bags, contractor trash bags, 1.5 yards of stone dust