2011 Report for Waverly


West River


25 Waverly Street, New Haven, CT



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European Hornbeam

Number of shrubs planted


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1 knockout rose, 2 inkberry holly, 2 blue princess holly, 1 variegated euonymous, 1 itea, 5 spirea, 1 hydrangea

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4 coral bells, 1 Russian sage, 4 yucca, 12 hostas, 2 vinka flats, 7 daylilies

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In their 9th year as a Greenspace grou, the Waverly Beautification group continued its efforts to beautify the front yards and community spaces of the Waverly Townhouses. The townhouses are situated off George Street, along Waverly and Day Streets. They share a common courtyard area where residents congregate and children play. This year the group began its efforts with stewardship of the memorial garden in the courtyard that contains a plaque commemorating victims of violence from the neighborhood. The group also added plants near the Greenspace sign. The group's leader Marie is a persistant presence, despite losing several group members due to health reasons. Marie led the group of women and children to work in the yards of 5 residents and planted a tree in the courtyard. The plantings showed the group how much it is capable of accomplishing when it works together.

Other activity

2 yds wood chips, grass seed