Yale Trees: Staff Service Recognition

Melissa and Brian Funaro chose to plant a tree to honor their 10- and 20-year milestones at Yale, respectively.  Yale staff members who are celebrating five-year milestone anniversaries may choose to have trees planted in their honor in lieu of selecting a traditional gift. 

Trees will be planted on Yale’s campus by the Urban Resources Initiative.  Yale groundskeepers will water and nurture the trees.  Six honorary trees were planted on WEd Oct 5, 3:30 -6:30 pm at West Campus.  The spring 2017 planting will be held in May at a yet to be determined location.  Volunteers and honorees are always invited to attend. 

Honorees who are interested in having a tree planted may request one through Yale’s employee service recognition gift catalog.  Gift ordering instructions — including those for ordering a tree —will be sent to the honoree just prior to his/her anniversary date via campus mail along with a certificate of appreciation; the honoree also will receive an e-mail with this information on the day of his/her anniversary.

For more information on the Staff Service Recognition tree planting program, please contact hrcomm@yale.edu.  For more information on the tree planting itself, contact Anna at uri@yale.edu or 203-432-6189.