New Haven Botanical Garden of Healing Dedicated to Victims of Gun Violence

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2020 Greenspace Report

This year, we witnessed the establishment of the Botanical Garden of Healing infrastructure and plantings. The first few weeks of in-person work in the summer included weeding, planting, and watering an area by the road on the way from the parking lot to the garden. We removed a lot of Japanese Knotweed, Garlic Mustard, and Oriental Bittersweet, among other weeds, and planted a few new perennials. Once the construction process was ready for us, we planted out the garden beds with over 1700 perennials with the help of over 100 volunteers, the Emerge Team, and URI staff. Volunteers from Wilbur Cross High School, Yale School of the Environment, Yale Divinity School, and Men Achieving Leadership, Excellence, and Success (M.A.L.E.S) all gave their time to this project. Planting and construction extended until late in the fall, but the work was a powerful testament to many citizens commitment to end the cycle of violence here in New Haven.

2020 Accomplishments

  • 21 trees planted (12 Arbor Vitae, 1 European Beech, 4 Serviceberry, 4 Dogwoods)
  • 111 shrubs planted (Includes Rose Creek Abelia, Macrantha Azalea, Summersweet Clethra, Redbark Dogwood, Inkberry Holly, Inkberry, Jim Dandy Winterberry, Red Sprite Winterberry, Spirea, Korean Spice Viburnum, and Old Fashioned Weigela)
  • 1585 perennials planted (Includes Red Yarrow, Purple Dome New England Aster, Chinese Astilbe, Visions Astilbe, Wood Oats, Threadleaf Coreopsis, Purple Coneflower, Sieboldiana Elegans Hosta, Plantain Lily, Blue Flag, Big Blue Lilyturf, Ruby, Woodrush, Catmint, Montauk Daisy, Coneflower, Deam's Coneflower, Woodland Sage, Black Jack Sedum, Common Periwinkle, Agastache, and Elegans Hosta. )
  • 1.0 yards compost spread
  • 6.0 yards mulch spread
  • 9 events
  • 106 volunteers
  • 302 volunteer hours