2012 Report for Beaver Pond Park


Beaver Hills

Type of Site:

Park Friends


intersection of Crescent Street and Fournier Street, New Haven, CT

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POINT (-72.9423813 41.3289611)



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Swamp Azaleas

Number of perennials planted


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6 Day Lilies, 2 Wild Geranium, 1 Heather

Yards mulch spread



The Friends of Beaver Pond Park (FOBPP) is a wonderful gathering of hard-working volunteers dedicated to the conservation and restoration of Beaver Pond Park. During their nine year tenure as an active Greenspace group, the group has focused on a swath of land near the entrance on Fournier street where they have planted, watered, weeded, and mulched four beautiful small gardens, as well as the hillside abutting Crescent Street and the pond-side woodlands where they have removed invasive species and planted native shrubs. Intrepid members of the group also care for the woodlands that continue along the water's edge near the Bowen Field complex primarily by curbing the spread of invasives and poison ivy. For their ninth summer this year, the group concetrated on removing invasive species on the hillside and beside the pond, mulching heavily to deter their regrowth, and cultivating the small gardens with great care. Toward the end of the summer, the group planted five new swamp azaleas, two geraniums and a heather in addition to six bright day lilies in the small gardens. These additions have filled out the small garden beside the pond and continued to reclaim the land for native plants that contribute to the beauty and educational value of the area. Having completed the osprey platform before the season started, the group is now waiting expectantly to host an osprey family above the pond. FOBPP has also taken an important role in advocating for the city's recognition and respect for Beaver Ponds Park, especially as renovations are being planned at the nearby Bowen Field. The group hopes that these renovations take place in such a way that the educational and recreational value of the park's greenspace is retained, including its ability to shelter birds and other wildlife essential to the New England landscape. Check out their website! www.beaverpondpark.org