Beaver Ponds Park

Volunteer Leader(s):

Nan Bartow
James Cramer
Rebecca Cramer
Joan Hilliard

Neighborhood: Beaver Hills

Type of Site: Park Friends Park Friends

Address: intersection of Crescent Street and Fournier Street, New Haven, CT


Photo Gallery

A group of intergenerational volunteers pose for a silly photo, all sitting along a set of side-to-side benches. The children and adults are are all smiling or making funny faces, with their hands waving in the air. It is a beautiful sunny evening, with a lush green background filled with trees and shrubs. Overhead, a beautiful and large Catalpa tree shades them.

2022 Greenspace Report

In their 18th year as a Greenspace group, The Friends of Beaver Ponds Park have completed another successful season of stewardship, restoration, community building, and fun! Love and family run deep at Beaver Ponds - from the children working together in their garden to the adults sharing weekly news and laughter over invasive removal, there never was a dull moment. Although the group is extremely diverse in age and background, the parks seems to have the magical power of turning back time, erasing all differences and helping everyone feel like a kid again. This feeling and sense of community is a testament to the love and dedication of Nan Bartow, who has spearheaded the restoration and stewardship of the park since 2004. The Friends were able to accomplish a lot this year: clearing out the never-ending supply of invasive plants around the park, adding perennials to their beautiful garden beds, and planting a new friend in the Park’s forest, a Hop-hornbeam tree.

2022 Accomplishments

  • 1 trees planted ((1) Hop-hornbeam)
  • 2 shrubs planted ((1) Winterberry, Jim Dandy (1) Winterberry, Red Sprite)
  • 13 perennials planted (- (2) Coneflower, Purple - (2) Coneflower, White - (4) Daylily, Stella White - (1) Daylily, Joan Senior - (2) Daylily, Orange - (2) Daylily, Red)
  • 0.5 yards compost spread
  • 2.5 yards mulch spread
  • 8 events
  • 56 volunteers
  • 290 volunteer hours