2010 Report for Castle Street


Fair Haven

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15 Castle Street, New Haven, CT, New Haven, CT



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2 Linden, 2 Goldenrain Trees, 1 Sargent Cherry, 1 Purple Leaf Plum, 1 Prairiefire Dogwood

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Coral bells, Black-eyed Susans, Hostas, Yucca, Daisies, Yarrow, Coriopsis, Daylilies, Lavender

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The Castle Street Greenspace group has been part of URI's Greenspace program for two years. Work in this community began midsummer in 2009. The core members of the group are committed neighbors who come together through their work in the Greenspace program as well as a neighborhood block watch. This summer the group dedicated themselves to restoring the streetscape and improving the neighborhood's attitude about its greenspace with tree plantings. The group accomplished all of its planting goals in 3 big workdays. Each workday was followed by a community potluck. The group has transformed the neighborhood by planting seven trees and four curbstrip gardens in 2010. The tree plantings include both shade trees and understory species, and were selected for their color, shapes, and flowering. Most households that planted trees in their curbstrips contributed to their own tree planting as well as one or more other plantings in the neighborhood. The Castle Street Greenspace Group invited guests to help with the plantings including the Guardian Angels, Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven, and a Boy Scout troop. In addition, the group has encouraged the adoption of street corners to remove weeds and clean up trash in these often neglected zones.