Castle Street

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Guy looks at newly planted flowers
Tree planting on street
Trees planted across the street line
Close up of orange flower

2019 Greenspace Report

The corner of Castle and Monroe Streets is a sunny spot in the Fair Haven neighborhood, that, after this summer, is new home to two cherry trees and a serviceberry tree. Early on Saturday mornings — with an eye to beating the heat — neighbors gathered to plant, prune, and supplement verdant tree crowns with showy, pollinator-friendly flowers around each tree.

2019 Accomplishments

  • 3 trees planted (Cherry (112-88 Monroe Street) Cherry (112-88 Monroe Street) Amelancheir (59-83 Monroe Street))
  • 30 perennials planted (6 echinacea 8 black-eyed Susan 10 daylily 4 chinese fountain grass 2 coreopsis)
  • 0.5 yards mulch spread
  • 4 events
  • 4 volunteers
  • 24 volunteer hours