Cherry Ann Park

Photo Gallery

YSE Volunteers (Oct 24)
Removing invasives at Cherry Ann Park
Clearing leaves at Cherry Ann Park
Pulling dead branches and weeds
Three people working in Cherry Ann Park

2020 Greenspace Report

Each year the story of Cherry Ann Park builds on past accomplishments. In 2020, the community celebrated the installation of a splash-pad that has already started to draw several visitors to the park. Over the past six years, Miss Connie has led the successful transformation of a park from a neglected dumping ground overgrown with invasive plants into a beloved play and gathering area. Despite the challenges of sustaining the group’s work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the neighborhood youth consistently showed up for workdays at the park. The big focus of the summer was stewardship, with a special attention on the planted areas at the park entrance. To create a more welcoming front, the group weeded, mulched, and re arranged stones around the areas to define the edges.

2020 Accomplishments

  • 0.5 yards mulch spread
  • 5 events
  • 8 volunteers
  • 24 volunteer hours