Cherry Ann Park

Photo Gallery

Two kids planting hostas
Two of the kids work on digging holes to plant new flowers
The front garden with new plantings and woodchips
One of the kids watering plants
One of the kids and previous intern Mitch planting a Spiderwort plant
One of the kids watering plants
The signboard and front entrance garden at Cherry Ann, with new plants and woodchips

2022 Greenspace Report

A hidden gem tucked away at the end of road, Cherry Ann Park has become a lush oasis under the guidance of Miss Connie Vereen, as she leads the neighborhood children in stewarding and caring for their park, and it their hard work that continues to develop the space over time. Not only is Cherry Ann Park now a popular spot to play, hang out, or even have a cookout or party, it also serves an important ecological role as a home to many species of wildlife. This summer, the Cherry Ann kids continued their work in the two entrance gardens--weeding, mulching, watering, and planting dozens of new perennials to create color and visual interest as soon as you enter the park. The kids also continued to learn and to develop their skills in proper planting techniques and learning the names of different perennials.

2022 Accomplishments

  • 22 perennials planted (3 Joan Senior daylilies, 5 palace purple coralbells, 2 autumn bride giant coralbells, 1 pinot gris coralbells, 3 Frances Williams hostas, 2 blue mouse ears hostas, 2 Aureo Marginata hostas, 3 concord grape spiderwort)
  • 10 events
  • 12 volunteers
  • 95 volunteer hours