2021 Report for Clifton Street River Garden


Fair Haven Heights/Quinnipiac Meadows

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3 Clifton St, New Haven, CT, 06513



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(2) Knock out rose, (1) golden euonymus

Number of perennials planted


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(8) cat mint, (3) variegated liriope, (4) coreopsis, (4) agastache, (1) phlox

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This summer, the Clifton St. River Garden Group worked on both the garden by the canoe launch and the garden at the corner of Clifton St. and Quinnipiac Ave. The season began with general maintenance of the corner garden including pruning, weeding, watering, and mulching. Additionally, empty planting spaces were filled in with hardy and salt tolerant perennials. The larger part of the season was dedicated to reimagining and maintaining the canoe launch garden: changing the layout of plants to emphasize color and texture contrast and filling in empty spaces. More than a symbol of environmental stewardship and neighborhood pride, the Clifton St River Garden has evolved into an aesthetic and educational focal point in the neighborhood thanks in part to the addition of a beautiful piece of storm drain that conscientizes passersby about the connection between our urban waterways and aquatic life. The painting, organized by the nonprofit Lots of Fish in collaboration with New Haven public schools, drew many kids out to the garden for a day of learning and fun, and seemed to also inspire neighbors to do more work on the garden. Thanks to the diligence and commitment of residents, the Clifton St. River Garden remains a beautiful place to walk around, relax, and enjoy the views of the Quinnipiac River.