Clifton Street River Garden

Photo Gallery

Two volunteers chatting over snacks and drinks
A volunteer waters plants
Three volunteers planting at the Clifton St River Garden
The canoe launch garden with new perennials added
The Mugo pine planted at the Clifton St. River Garden
A baby rabbit watches the volunteers from underneath a rosebush at the Clifton St. River Garden

2022 Greenspace Report

This summer, the Clifton St. River Garden volunteers continued their re-envisioning of the canoe launch garden; adding dozens of brightly colored flowering perennials, in hopes of creating a neighborhood focal point that could be seen from the top of the Clifton St. hill. The addition of these plants, beyond providing an attractive and visually interesting entryway to the canoe launch, where people gather to sit and fish or simply enjoy the incredible waterfront view, would also function to stabilize the slope of the bed to prevent runoff into the storm drain. The work brought together both new and long-term residents of the neighborhood, creating a community centered around stewardship and maintenance of the garden.

2022 Accomplishments

  • 1 shrubs planted (1 Mugo Pine)
  • 20 perennials planted (4 big blue lilyturf liriope, 3 variegated liriope, 3 blue cloud catmint, 2 coreopsis, 2 chocolate ball sedum, 2 firecracker sedum, 1 50-count flat vinca minor)
  • 6 events
  • 11 volunteers
  • 28 volunteer hours