2008 Report for Dover Beach Park


Fair Haven

Type of Site:

Park Friends


2 Lombard, New Haven, CT

Address Geocoded

POINT (-72.8872305 41.3165093)



Number of volunteers


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Number of events


Number of trees planted


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1 American elm

Number of shrubs planted


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3 Purple-leaf Sandcherries, 2 Rosa Rugosa, 2 Inkberry

Number of perennials planted


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2 Leadwort, 2 Daylily, 3 Ornamental Grass

Yards mulch spread



In their third year, the Riverview Greenspace group developed the dual goals of finishing planting and continuing maintenance along the Quinnipiac River/Front Street site, and starting a new parks group, Friends of Dover Beach Park. Although the group was small (typically 3-5 neighbors attending each work meeting), they planted three new beds to fill in empty spaces, planted an American Elm in front of 4 Lombard St. to replace a dead tree, and maintained the planting beds along Front St. created last year. The group also struggled with the issue of weeds and invasive plants along the path, ultimately committing to cutting the weeds with a mower on a consistent basis.<br> Pat Bissell, the group leader, worked very hard to put together Friends of Dover Beach Park, holding a meeting at the Quinnipiac Terrace community room that was well-attended by community members, Parks Department and city officials, and members of local blockwatches. The group then planned a large barbecue in Dover Beach Park for all community members in the surrounding area. The Friends of Dover Beach Park look forward to a busy and productive next year as the community continues their stewardship of Dover Beach Park.