2008 Report for East Rock Park


East Rock

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Park Friends


Orange St & Cold Spring St., New Haven, CT, 06511

Address Geocoded

POINT (-72.9098622 41.3245609)



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Red Oak

Number of shrubs planted


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4 bayberries, 2 Clethras, 1 Nine Bark, 1 Viburnum, 2 Ink Berries, 2 Iteas

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1 Butterfly milkweed, 1 aster ground cover, 1 cat mint, 4 black eyed susans, 2 creeping phlox, 3 loriope grasses, 4 Yarrows, 8 bearberries

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The Friends of East Rock Park has existed for decades as a park advocate group, but they made their debut as a Greenspace group this summer. The groups goal this summer was to improve the path and forgotten benches along Rice Field in East Rock Park. They began by clearing the path and the surrounding area of invasive species and poison ivy. Four dilapidated and deteriorating benches were recovered from beneath a blanket of aggressive vegetation. The areas surrounding the benches were transformed into beautiful and peaceful sitting areas filled with a colorful and fragrant selection of native perennials and shrubs. The benches were reconstructed with the helpful donations of local businesses and hard work from over 35 volunteers. In addition to their work undertaken with URI, the Friends of East Rock Park hosted a number of events aimed at increasing participation and stewardship of East Rock Park. A large number of East Rock and Cedar Hill residents participated weekly (and often more meeting several times a week) making each day a fun way to connect with the community.

Other activity

Provided 3 yards stone dust and 40 lbs. cement