East Rock Park

Photo Gallery

Volunteer pruning tree
Pruned tree in park
Backpacks sitting on a bench
Garden tools sitting on a bench
Pathway in the park
Pathway in the park
Green bench
Planted tree

2019 Greenspace Report

The Friends of East Rock Park continue to be caring stewards of the park. They covered a lot of ground in the park picking up trash. They also focused on a particular path called Betty’s Way where they weeded and mulched along the edge of the path, planted shrubs besides benches, spread wildflower seed and pruned shrubs and trees. Much of East Rock Park is natural vegetation and the group worked to restore succession of healthy ecosystems by removing invasives from trees and the forest floor. The volunteers worked alongside Youth at Work high schoolers part of the time which was a highlight for everyone.

2019 Accomplishments

  • 4 shrubs planted (Yucca (variegated))
  • 5 events
  • 8 volunteers
  • 72 volunteer hours