2023 Report for Friends Of Edgewood Park



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Park Friends


506 Edgewood Ave., New Haven, CT

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POINT (-72.9524753 41.3153547)



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Midbridge Trail–1 Amelanchier, 2 river birch, 2 black gum, 1 sweet gum In front of Midbridge Garden–1 black walnut, 1 constellation dogwood North of Duck Pond, before underpass–1 magnolia, 2 white cedar

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mountain laurel

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Daylilies (5), coneflowers (8), coral bells (4), bleeding hearts (3), shasta daisy(6), black-eyed susan (6) coreopsis (3)

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The Friends of Edgewood Park continue to put labor and love into stewarding their extensive park. This seasoned four-seasons Greenspace group that meets every week all year round and has done so for decades. Though every week a sizable group of volunteers tackled tasks such as knotweed removal along the trails, litter pickup, and weeding of them idbridge garden, the two big projects of the summer were the 11-tree planting campaign and the revival of the Sundial Sprinkler Garden. The former was completed with the help of Latter Day Saints missionary volunteers and Edgewood Park’s Youth At Work crew inJuly. The latter was spearheaded by East Edge Gardeners leader and longtime FOEP volunteer Sandy, who proposed the project and guided its vision. With a small group of volunteers, we cleared the bed of weeds, turned the soil, and planted a variety of beautiful perennials that will add color to the Sundial Sprinkler area for years to come.