Friends Of Edgewood Park

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High Schooler Group Planting Trees
I can't, but we can!
setting root in a big new cradle
setting things straight
planting willow cuttings
a sheltered young willow

2021 Greenspace Report

Friends of Edgewood Park is group that does work year-round and has consistently managed to muster an impressive roster of volunteers every summer. This season we focused our efforts on 1. Planting 4 trees (all various types of cedars) in front of the vernal pool to provide shade during the summer months and improve the habitat for local wildlife and 2. Clearing knotweed/mugwort around the existing midbridge area and replacing it with a river birch, dogwood shrubs and a clethra to keep the weeds down and to fortify the bank from erosion.

2021 Accomplishments

  • 5 trees planted (VERNAL POOL: two red cedar, one northern white cedar, one atlantic white cedar; MIDBRIDGE: one river birch)
  • 5 shrubs planted (4 dogwood shrubs + 1 clethra in the midbridge area )
  • 4.0 yards mulch spread
  • 8 events
  • 19 volunteers
  • 105 volunteer hours