2013 Report for Lenzi Park


Wooster Square

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Park Friends


Corner of St. Johns and Jefferson Sts., New Haven, CT

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POINT (-72.9159428 41.3067051)



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Variegated liriope (12), Hosta (5), Pachysandra (4), Periwinkle (5), Christmas fern (8), Astilbe sp. (6), Yucca (1), Bleeding heart (6)

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Once home to the Eaton School and later a playground designed by world-renown landscape architect Dan Kiley, Lenzi Park is now a beautiful park that attracts pedestrians to stroll along its winding path shaded by cherry and oak trees, diverse species of butterflies and birds to its Bee balm flowers and the group of Black-eyed Susans in the flower gardens contributes a contrasting color of yellow on the backdrop of green vegetation during summer. The transformation of the park from a concrete playground to one lush with vegetation was made possible with the grand vision of The Friends of Lenzi Park that was formed in 2001. Major projects in the park followed the years after that and today, the park is well-maintained and taken care for by a dedicated group whose members live in the neighborhood at the park's vicinity. This summer, the group concentrated on stewardship and maintenance by weeding and mulching the large flower bed in front of the mural, the flowerbeds under the trees, four flowerbeds and one meditation garden, and placed bricks to deter the flowers from getting mowed accidentally. In addition, the group also removed invasive Japanese knotweed growing along the fence in the eastern part of the park. The group also focused on planting native ground cover under the bases of trees, and native perennials in the shaded areas in the northern strip of the park. The group also ensured the workability of the rain barrel and compost bins. The group saw participation of new members who enjoyed working together to achieve various goals of the group. During the extremely hot week in July, the group members coordinated the watering schedules very well. The intern was successful in acting as a liaison between the group and the personnel working at the Parks Department who got opportunity to meet each other in person and discuss various issues regarding the park.

Other activity

bricks salvaged from the yard