Lenzi Park

Volunteer Leader(s):

Jenny Berkett
Sara Ohly
Britton Rogers

Neighborhood: Wooster Square

Type of Site: Park Friends Park Friends

Address: Corner of St. Johns and Jefferson Sts., New Haven, CT


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Planting perennials
Planting perennials
Planting and watering ground cover

2021 Greenspace Report

Starting long before summer, the friends of Lenzi Park have maintained this park as a stunning recreational site over the past twenty years. The group has remained dedicated, at times working beyond the stipulated working hours to ensure the park is at its best. In addition to commitment, Jenny demonstrated an extensive knowledge about plants, Jerry’s favorite spot being the shade area while Sara’s strong ties to the park can be seen in her favorite tree the River Birch, which she planted in honor of her late husband. This summer, the group expended its efforts in watering, weeding, and applying stone dust. The hard work of the group has created an irresistible warmth which has attracted several dog walkers, those who come to meditate, and some who just pass through to enjoy the park.

2021 Accomplishments

  • 5 perennials planted (Species: 5 Stella D'oro Day Lilies)
  • 4 events
  • 7 volunteers
  • 42 volunteer hours