2014 Report for Lenzi Park


Wooster Square

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Park Friends


Corner of St. Johns and Jefferson Sts., New Haven, CT

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POINT (-72.9159428 41.3067051)



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: barrenwort, Japanese anemone, Solomon's seal, foam flower, hosta, columbine, lady's mantle, heuchera, cinnamon fern, black-eyed Susan, carpet bugleweed, pachysandra, liriope

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It is hard to imagine that, prior to the formation of the Friends of Lenzi Park in 2001, the space was home to a concrete playground suffering the effects of urban blight. Since the group's formation and the collaborative redesign of the park, the small urban oasis tucked between Grand Avenue and St. John's Street has become a refuge for birds, butterflies, and passersby alike. Mature cherry trees line a gently curving path. Bee balm plants attract ruby throated hummingbirds. Black-eyed Susan's form a cheerful border. And dog walkers pause to sit on the decorative concrete pillars that once served as barriers and eyesores. This year, a dedicated team of neighbors continued to tend the park, focusing particularly on the garden beds lining Jefferson Street, a relatively recent addition. Working under the dappled shade of the street's honeylocust trees, the group weeded, mulched, and watered before adding a collection of 63 shade and drought tolerant perennials. They also weeded and mulched the beds surrounding existing juniper, oak, and cherry trees; they pruned grapevines and overgrown evergreens; and they edged and resurfaced the aging stone dust path. The group enjoyed each other's company, worked seamlessly together, and joyfully welcomed new volunteers.

Other activity

2 yards stone dust