2018 Report for Mill River Trail


Fair Haven

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109 John Murphy Drive, New Haven, CT, 06513

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POINT (-72.9057596 41.3122255)



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Species: bayberry (x4); winterberry (x1); shamrock holly/gallberry (x3); eastern red cedar (x3); willow (x1); red chokeberry (x3); potentilla (x3)

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The Mill River Trail Greenspace group worked consistently and diligently in its third year as a URI greenspace site. The group’s efforts are helping to achieve its goals of connecting residents of both East Rock and Fair Haven to the Mill River, to reimagine the river and the space along it, and to develop a new appreciation for New Haven’s natural resources. The group works across a variety of stakeholders to help achieve its vision, partnering with the City of New Haven, Save the Sound, the landscape architecture firm Reed Hilderbrand, Grand Paint, Radiall, and with engagement from community volunteers consisting of both long-time New Haven residents and Yale University students. Early in the season, the group began by removing Japanese knotweed and other invasive species from the urban oasis site behind Radiall and Grand Paint along the Mill River. Group efforts succeeded in the planting of 18 new shrubs – featuring some evergreens and berry-producing species as habitat and food for birds. The group added mulch to plantings, both new and old, and worked to water and take care of the nine trees that had been planted in the previous year. The group additionally organized a successful social on the river, helping to garner interest, build community, reimagine the space along the river as a place for public use and appreciation of natural resources, and share information about the work of the group.