Mill River Trail

Photo Gallery

pulling bindweed
wire guard
reclaiming the reclaimed
Newly planted shrubs that we watered today (8/07/2019).
Part of the Urban Oasis and Mill River with newly planted trees!
Eastern red cedar tree at the Mill River Trail Urban Oasis.

2020 Greenspace Report

Stand aside, COVID: the Mill River Trail marches further on! This summer saw exciting developments as a new length of trail was constructed. J.R. and several other volunteers also went the extra mile (almost literally) to give the thirsty trees and shrubs an especially long drink each week at the urban oasis. They also did a wonderful job mulching around them afresh and installing mesh guards around several trees which were being used as oversized toothpicks by some otherwise well-intentioned muskrats. Progress in fighting back the dreaded Japanese knotweed as well as mugwort and bindweed was also made in great strokes, proving the group’s and the Greenspace’s resilience and ensuring its lasting beauty and benefit to birds and people alike.

2020 Accomplishments

  • 5 events
  • 6 volunteers
  • 24 volunteer hours