Mill River Trail

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2023 Greenspace Report

This scenic trail along the Mill River has been diligently preserved by a dedicated volunteer group under the leadership of J.R. Logan. Their activities for the summer primarily involved stewardship efforts as well as restorative initiatives along the entire stretch of the trail from James Street to Exchange Street. They mainly focused on clearing knotweeds and removing litter along the trail. They also planted two trees(Northern white cedar and Eastern red cedar) along the trail on the District building on James Street, and another tree ( American hornbeam) and 2 shrubs (Arrowwood viburnums) were planted along the trail on Grand Paint.

2023 Accomplishments

  • 3 trees planted (Northern white cedar, Eastern red cedar, and American hornbeam)
  • 2 shrubs planted (Arrowwood viburnums)
  • 0.5 yards mulch spread
  • 8 events
  • 13 volunteers
  • 44 volunteer hours