2008 Report for Oyster Point



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Park Friends


Oyster Point, 40 Sea Street , New Haven, CT

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POINT (-72.9280268 41.2829324)



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3 Eastern White Pine, 1 Sweet Gum, 1 Horse Chestnut, 1 Amelanchier; Additionally, 2 Red maples were planted by the Hill Youth Action Team

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2 Bleeding Hearts, 2 Ladies Mantle; Additionally, 8 perennials were planted by the Hill Youth Action Team

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The City Point Historic District Neighborhood Association (CPHDNA) Greenspace group has participated in the Community Greenspace program for 13 years. The City Point Community Greenspace site (previously known as Oyster Point) is located on the Long Island Sound at the end of Howard Avenue, adjacent to the New Haven Sound School. This group of dedicated volunteers, led by Michael Lloyd, Steve Wilcox, and Tom and Diana Straub, manages three open spaces located throughout the neighborhood, as well as several front yard and street tree plantings. Bayview Park on 6th St. and Triangle Park on the corner of Sea Street and South Water Street are the two gems of the City Point Greenspace site. Bayview Park is the larger of the two sites. It is shaded by a number of old maple and oak trees and features a war memorial in the center of it. The other park in the neighborhood, called Triangle Park, is located across from the Sound School. Triangle Park is a picturesque open space featuring several perennial beds along a slope facing the Long Island Sound, and a large grassy area where the annual Bar-B-Que and Jazz Fest is held. Most recently, the group planted several shrubs and beach grasses along the boat launch at the very end of Howard Avenue. Each year, this Greenspace group gets started at the very beginning of the summer months, in an effort to prepare for the Bar-B-Que and Jazz Fest which takes place around the third week of June. This is no small task as the perennial beds in Triangle Park require much weeding and mulching each year. After the Fest this past year, the group concentrated on maintaining Bayview Park which involved weeding the perennial beds, removing invasive species, and of course, mulching. This summer, the CPHDNA received the sad news that the Department of Transportation (DOT) would be removing several of the old shade trees both in Bayview Park and just outside of the park on the slope leading down onto Interstate Highway #95. The group was surprised and disappointed to discover that the trees were cut down prior to the DOT's designated date of removal. As one can imagine, this was heartbreaking to the community. Under the leadership of Alex Johnston, however, neighbors in City Point quickly mobilized by gathering together to devise a plan to respond to the DOT's actions. One of the solutions that emerged from a community meeting was a marathon tree planting that was later held on Friday, August 1st. Over sixteen volunteers from the community planted five trees in one night in an effort to restore the shade lost, and reduce the sounds of the highway. Even though the new trees are much smaller in scale when compared to those removed by the DOT, and even though heavy equipment will be used throughout duration of the project, the CPHDNA Greenspace group remains hopeful that Bayview Park will one day be restored to its former glory.

Other activity

Clean up of Triangle Park; Clean up and Maintenance of Bayview Park