Oyster Point

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tree hero
zebra grass to tie the space together
fresh hostas, fresh mulch

2021 Greenspace Report

The Oyster Point group has been faithfully planting and stewarding the greenspaces in their neighborhood for almost twenty years, and this summer was another successful one. Although the group missed several workdays due to rain and due to volunteers travelling, they nevertheless accomplished the goals they set for this season. They began by pulling enormous amounts of weeds—especially stickyweed—from the beach, followed up by some replacement plantings in the garden beds. Next, they transitioned to clearing brush and overgrowth from Triangle Park, before devining and planting a new tree by the highway at Bayview Park to wrap up the summer.

2021 Accomplishments

  • 1 trees planted (eastern red cedar)
  • 5 perennials planted (1 zebra grass, 2 black-eyed Susans, 1 “blue angel” hosta, 1 plum pudding alumroot)
  • 2.0 yards mulch spread
  • 5 events
  • 6 volunteers
  • 27 volunteer hours