Oyster Point

Photo Gallery

tree hero
zebra grass to tie the space together
fresh hostas, fresh mulch
weeding by the shore
Three people smiling at Oysterpoint
Planted beach plum
Man cleaning up garden mess
Volunteers at Oyster Point

2020 Greenspace Report

Despite the steep and unprecedented challenges faced this year the stalwart Steve and Murray managed to get a very solid amount of work done in only four workdays. After uprooting over a truckload of mugwort by the shore, the group proceeded to add several new plantings to the beach area behind the benches and skillfully transplanting 3 montauk daisies. To protect these new additions, they mulched nearly every inch of the area with care. To cap off the summer, Murray, Steve and I gave the young and struggling trees in Bayview Park the MVP treatment, carefully weeding along their bases, building fresh mulch “doughnuts” around them to keep them hydrated, and driving into the tough clay soil no fewer stakes to protect and mark them than might have made John Henry himself break a sweat. Working with Steve and Murray was always pleasant, aslike good friends and they always welcomed me warmly.

2020 Accomplishments

  • 3 shrubs planted
  • 9 perennials planted
  • 1.0 yards mulch spread
  • 4 events
  • 2 volunteers
  • 19 volunteer hours