Read Street

Volunteer Leader(s):

Sandra Strong

Neighborhood: Newhallville

Type of Site: Streetscape Streetscape

Address: 39 Read St., New Haven, CT, 06511


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2016 Greenspace Report

This summer the Read St. Greenspace Group was able to plant several perennials in the curb strip on Newhall St. and Read St., bringing a fresh pop of color to the two streets. Sandra and Aisha worked each week to energize the community and to bring out their neighbors to join them in beautifying the community, and all the new plants are a great representation of their dedication. The group also worked to remediate Sandra Strong’s yard after testing it for lead levels in the soil. A beautiful new bed was created close to the house with colorful shrubs and perennials and a fresh layer of grass was laid down to create a lush, green lawn.

2016 Accomplishments

  • 2 shrubs planted (two ninebark in Sandra's yard)
  • 30 perennials planted (coral bells (4), lamium (1), Japanese fountain grass (4), geranium (1), hostas (20))
  • 1.0 yards compost spread
  • 1.0 yards mulch spread
  • 7 events
  • 9 volunteers
  • 36 volunteer hours