2013 Report for Shepard And Huntington



Type of Site:

Vacant Lot


455 Huntington, New Haven, CT, 06511

Address Geocoded

POINT (-72.929047 41.33241)



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Number of trees planted


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2 Fat Albert Spruces

Number of shrubs planted


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3 golden euonymus, 3 hollies, 1 Lilac Bush, 1 Flowering Dogwood, 1 butterfly bush.

Number of perennials planted


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hostas, day lilies, sedum, vinca, liriope

Yards compost spread


Yards mulch spread



The Huntington and Shepard group began this summer with tremendous dynamism, energy and commitment. They built strongly on their effort to transform the Shepard and Huntington lot project into an 'oasis of peace' as described by one resident last summer. This project took hold in 2012 and resulted in a beautiful Serenity Garden where once stood an abandoned lot. This year, they did much maintenance on the park, putting in infrastructure needs such as bricks as borders, mulch, stonedust, and a Greenspace sign. They also installed a beautiful Fat Albert spruce that can one day serve as the community holiday tree. The group focused on two inspiring lead remediation projects in the neighborhood for leaders who had taken on a heavy organizing load. Leaders always recruited local neighborhood kids to join in the planting and did an excellent job engaging their neighbors on the power of collective action. The group remains strong with a diverse set of leaders and a strong desire to connect and collaborate with other Newhallville Greenspace groups.

Other activity

0.5 yards of top soil, 0.5 yards of peastone, 0.5 bag grass seed, 1 bale of hay, 0.75 yards of stone dust, 1 Sign