Shepard And Huntington

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Kids smiling with planted flowers
Plants in ground in front of painted fence
Plants in clean garden bed
Pathway by garden beds

2020 Greenspace Report

Despite a late start, volunteers met consistently throughout the end of the summer to maintain their beautiful space. The site boasts a large area of planted areas, which the group stewarded through weeding, mulching, and watering. Community members also filled in the back corner with some perennials and a shrub and planted some black-eyed-Susans around the tree in the middle of the space. Volunteers always arrived on time and ready to work. One individual walked by the group after their first weekend workday and asked about what was going on. After hearing about the project, she became an active volunteer at each subsequent workday.

2020 Accomplishments

  • 1 shrubs planted (Holly)
  • 10 perennials planted (5 Black-eyed-Susans, 3 hostas, 2 liriope)
  • 1.5 yards mulch spread
  • 4 events
  • 5 volunteers
  • 31 volunteer hours