Shepard And Huntington

Photo Gallery

Kids smiling with planted flowers
Plants in ground in front of painted fence
Plants in clean garden bed
Pathway by garden beds
Painted wooden fence

2019 Greenspace Report

The greenspace at Shepard and Huntington is a lush, colorful, pollinator paradise. This unique lot serves as a beautiful interruption of greenery within a residential and commercial area. In their 11th year this group continued to build upon this park-like atmosphere, primarily focusing on the addition of more pollinator-attracting plants and maintenance of the paths. Nina Faucett, the group leader, continues to demonstrate dedication to the space and admirable resilience through any challenges. This summer the volunteers, including some very energetic youth, worked hard and accomplish all of their goals, making for another successful season as a greenspace.

2019 Accomplishments

  • 1 shrubs planted (Butterfly bush)
  • 13 perennials planted ( 2 alumroot, 2 catmint, 2 meadow sage, 2 white swan coneflower, 3 ajuga, 2 vinca)
  • 1.0 yards mulch spread
  • 6 events
  • 11 volunteers
  • 25 volunteer hours