2008 Report for Shepard (Emeritus)



Type of Site:

Vacant Lot


91 Shepard Street, New Haven, CT, 06511

Address Geocoded

POINT (-72.9281089 41.3338702)



Number of volunteers


Total volunteer hours


Number of trees planted


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snow crabapple tree

Number of shrubs planted


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1 knockout shrubrose, 1 Nikko hydrangea, 1 big daddy hydrangea, 2 white snow spirea, 1 potentilla

Number of perennials planted


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Yards mulch spread



On any Saturday during the summer, one can find the Shepard Street Greenspace full of children from the neighborhood, pulling weeds, collecting insects, and just enjoying themselves outdoors. This year saw resurgence in activity at the Greenspace on 91 Shepard Street. The park was originally a vacant lot that neighbors in the community reclaimed several years ago. Many of the initial group members moved away, but Jody Kelly, who lives adjacent to the site has ensured the mowing and watering of the park over the years. This year she was joined by her new neighbor JJ Jackson, who took on the task of weeding and pruning the overgrown trees and beds, and clearing out the substantially overgrown back half of the Greenspace. The children in the neighborhood helped plant some new shrubs and perennials, mulch the beds, and maintain the stone dust path. The water connection to the site has been re-established to help in maintaining the new plantings. The Greenspace group also planted some shrubs in JJs and Jodys front yards, and a crabapple tree on the curbstrip across the street from the park. URI also sponsored an environmental education program one afternoon that was attended by 8 neighborhood children.

Other activity

1 yard of stone dust provided