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2022 Greenspace Report

The best way to describe Spruel Space is whimsical. Entering into the space brings immediate peace through its design and careful details. The space was developed over 20+ years ago by converting an abandoned lot and is dedicated “Spruel Space” in honor of its original founder who has since moved away. Jody works hard to maintain the space as a pocket park for the community. Every July she reads to kids in the garden and this year, she had them decorate paper butterflies to put up out front. It was a big year for the greenspace. In a beautiful act of community-building, Shepard and Huntington greenspace volunteers partnered up with Jody to help steward both spaces together. For this reason, Spruel Space returned to an “Active” status and was able to plant new perennials and add colorful flowering plants. Additionally, Spruel Space’s water was turned back on this summer, which had greatly improved watering capacity for Jody and the group.

2022 Accomplishments

  • 12 perennials planted (2 Speedwell, 2 Bluestar, 6 Barrenwort, 2 Coral bell)
  • 2.0 yards mulch spread
  • 11 events
  • 11 volunteers
  • 40 volunteer hours