Shepard Street

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2023 Greenspace Report

This was a big year for Shepard St Spruel Space, as Ms. Jody, who previously stewarded the site for over 20 years, moved away. Her work and care is steeped in the beauty and history of the site: a bright orange conversation bench, a birdhouse, a path encircling a central bed lined with bricks and lights, lots of beautiful hostas and coral bells, and some wonderful evergreen liriope in front. Even though they had big shoes to fill, Ms. Kim, Claire, and Laura stood up and hit the ground running from where Ms. Jody left off. We worked hard this summer to prepare the back of the site for a children’s activity area/obstacle course, which will build community for the kids and between generations. This meant clearing lots of trash, then putting down topsoil and woodchips to make it safe for the kids to play. After a summer of hard work and a final rally, we were just about able to prepare the back of the site to be safe for the kids, and hopefully we will be able to start putting jump stumps in back soon! Ms. Kim and Ms. Jody already do so much for the kids at Spruel Space and in Newhallville, hosting children’s events twice a week. These involve reading to the kids, art activities, and helping the kids build ownership and stewardship of the space. The activity area will be the next piece of this endeavor. One can only guess what the love flowing through this space will bring next.

2023 Accomplishments

  • 4 perennials planted (4 coral bells)
  • 5.0 yards mulch spread
  • 25 events
  • 33 volunteers
  • 463 volunteer hours