2008 Report for Watson And Bassett



Type of Site:

Vacant Lot


Watson and Bassett, New Haven, CT

Address Geocoded

POINT (-72.9337719 41.3321967)



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Number of trees planted


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7 weigelia (5 red, 2 green), 3 spirea (1 little princess, 2 magic carpet), 1 blue holly

Number of perennials planted


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6 coral bells, 2 hostas, 2 daylilies, 2 salvia, 1 catmint, 1 sedum, 1 winterberry

Yards mulch spread



WATSON AND BASSETThas been a Community Greenspace site since 1997, when the group formed to recover a vacant lot on the corner of Watson and Bassett streets in Newhallville. The group was large and active in these initial years when a great deal of work was done clearing garbage from the site, removing invasive species and planting shrubs and perennials around the perimeter of the lot. The planting group has also planted street trees along Watson and Bassett streets, and done some front yard work and lead remediation. This year, the site was beautifully maintained through the untiring efforts of Mr. Scott, with help from friends and children in the neighborhood. This year, the planting group maintained beds, added some shrubs and perennials to the garden, and planted one tree on Bassett Street, by the house of one of the neighborhoods most dedicated young gardeners, Bobby.

Other activity

Provided 1 yard topsoil, 1 25 lb bag shade grass seed, 1 50 ft garden hose and 1 sprinkler