Watson And Bassett

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Volunteers at Watson and Bassett
Watson and Bassett park
Person petting dog
Child watering new plants in the garden bed
Volunteers doing several projects in park
Volunteers working on multiple projects in park

2021 Greenspace Report

Mr. Scott, the group leader, has wholeheartedly done his best every year to keep Watson and Bassett vacant lot in shape and being a good example in this community. His constant smile makes all those who visit the site welcome to work and enjoy themselves. This summer, the target for the group was to rake leaves, pick up trash, spread stone dust, broadcast grass seed and to do some watering. These efforts have made this vacant lot one of the peculiar social sites of New Haven attracting people from all walks of life.

2021 Accomplishments

  • 2 events
  • 2 volunteers
  • 5 volunteer hours